Jupeyo the Spark Sprite is a colorful pixie who inspires new ideas, creativty and imagination.  He loves rainbows, stars and sunshine.

Yum Yum Chocobuns is an ever-hungry boy made of chocolate who's always looking for his next snack.

In the heart of Jumbilee Jungle lives a very friendly lion cub named Memo Me. He’s always happy to see his friends and likes to make new ones. He cherishes his friendships and always lets his friends know how much he loves them.

Breaker Brekke is a BreakDancing Bandit who loves to collect(steal) awesome gems. This hotshot travels the world for the best treasures and when someone tries to stop him it’s time to start Breakin!

Hugo is a michevious cat who loves to give advice.  If you send him a problem or question he will help you out for FREE!  But be careful, you get what you pay for.


Coy likes a lot of things in life but most of all likes to be left alone.  He's fun and friendly!  But only for so long...

What makes a great relationship?  Love, trust and patience. A LOT of patience. 

The King of Berserkers defends his kingdom against an endless sea of threats ranging from ancient warriors and fallen gods to magical monsters and space conquerors.

Beauty, fashion and style.

Samson is a young boxer that wants to win a fighting tournament called BIG BAD SUPERFIGHT! But he can only enter if he fulfills the wish of his mom and dad: "BECOME A GREAT COOK!"

Can Samson acheive his dream of winning Big Bad Superfight! while honoring the wishes of his parents?

Fixxy Boo Boo is a magical dragon blessed with the powers of Strength, Speed, Heal, Water, Bounce and Climb. With these great powers he protects the Land of Unders from Doom Box and the Lord of Unders. He also helps the Townsfolk when they're in need. Sometimes. Grudgingly.

Mummero is a little blue turtle who lives in Muddymore Marsh. The marsh is full of Dangers such as sharks and snakes always looking to eat little Mummero, but for some reason Mummero just continues to smile.


Dreamy Stampede is a pink-haired elephant that who loves naps. Morning, noon or night - for a nap any time is alright!


jupey krusho, pronounced ‘joo-pee crush-oh’, means “endless obsession” and is the colorful vision of American designer Jupey.

Since 2007, Jupey has consistently developed new characters with strong themes and vivid personalities ranging from cute and bright to dark and dynamic. Each character Jupey creates is born from a specific emotion, experience or attitude, and developed through focused experimentation. While the exploration of a character can begin from anywhere, the end objective is always the same: a fresh character who can teach, challenge and inspire.

An innovative blend of East and West, jupey krusho characters have been conceptualized as a variety of products including comic and activity books, purses & pouches, posters, stationery, lifestyle accessories, plush, games and more. Bold, colorful and fun, jupey krusho goods possess universal appeal and are showcased and sold at select retailers around the world.

Jupey is the creative director and founder of jupey krusho. With over 10 years of experience as a professional designer, Jupey's passion for creation has never burned brighter.

While video games, comics, cartoons and toys ignited the fire for the eventual creation of jupey krusho, Jupey draws a lot of inspiration from his fascination with world cultures, especially Japan and Brazil.

Born and raised in Minnesota, Jupey studied Athletic Training and Art at Gustavus Adolphus College before graduating with a BFA in Animation from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design.

No matter how cute or colorful they are, each main character is born from a story of hardship or sorrow. After the character is created, a 'life challenge" is established. Below are two examples of my very first characters.

Story of Hardship:
One night I was home alone and starving. I had no food in the cupboard. My roommates were out of town for the weekend. It was Sunday night and my bank account was -$12.23, so I couldn't order anything for delivery. My car was low on gas so I couldn't even drive to a friend's house. My cell phone battery was dead and my charger was at work. I had no options. For a moment I was so desperate I looked at my paper pad and thought to maybe chew on it a little, just to trick my body into thinking I was eating something. Instead I lay on my bed, starving and famished and started to slowly drift away. As I slowly passed out, I looked down at my smooth brown arm and thought “huh. Looks like chocolate. I wish it really WERE chocolate. Then I could nibble on myself a little and be saved!” When I woke up the next morning I was a little weak but managed to get to my drawing desk. Remembering the night before, I started drawing a hungry fella who was made of chocolate. Thus, Yum Yum Chocobuns the Hungry Chocolate Boy was born! I may have eventually still come up with Yum Yum Chocobuns but now I knew what Yum Yum knew. The way I felt that night is the way he always feels. That is why he's always eating. Always. After Yum Yum was created, I started decorating his colorful world with friends who were similar to types of friends that I had. One night of hunger generated a delicious new world with an ever-hungry foodie leading the charge.
Life Challenge: Enjoy Good Food! Everybody gets hungry so everybody eats. Sometimes we enjoy a nice dinner and other times we scarf it down. Once in a while, take your time and let your senses take over as you indulge in a wonderful meal. Look at the colors, soak in the aroma, chew slowly and savor every flavor. Enjoy it, not as food, but as an experience. Don't forget dessert!

Story of Hardship:
A dear friend told me they were diagnosed with cancer and, because of the treatment, were unable to hug their child. The diagnosis was tough enough, but the thought of a parent who couldn't hold and comfort their little one was a lot to take in. I went to a greeting card store to seek out a heartfelt card. Looking up and down the rows of cards, nothing felt quite right. No card was special enough. So I made one. The outside read “Hang in there”, and the inside read “Good times are coming.” Someone noticed the card lying around in my office and asked if I had others. “Not yet.” I created a series of 8 cards with various sincere expressions, each one being something I wanted to say to a good friend or family member. Passers-by soon asked for more cards and more goods. It didn't take long for the Memo Me world to blossom into a magical place where loved ones were reminded of how much they're cherished.
Life Challenge: Celebrate Friendship! Sometimes we get so busy with our lives that we forget to check up on loved ones and good friends. One quick letter, one quick call, one quick text, one quick hello. It doesn't take much to say a lot. Memo Me began as a heartfelt moment, but bloomed into a personal movement. Was I putting enough work into my relationships? Could I do more?? Creating works of Memo Me woke me up and gave me the opportunity to strengthen some relationships and rekindle others. Hopefully it will continue to help others as well. They'll never know if you don't tell them.

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